A journey into finding me

Soft Limits

Continued…STARTING TO PUSH….Next Step in BDSM


After a week of getting to know the lady my Master has set up for me to explore my bi side with we finally decided to meet. We chose a public place that was comfortable for both of us. A little club that was a favorite to a friend of mine; which also turns out to be a gay club.

I arrived first and got a table in the center of the room and watched every person that came thru the door. After about twenty minutes, I started getting the feeling she wasn’t going to show up. I motioned for the girl who was my waitress and told her to bring me the check. She smiled down at me in that “OH SHE’S BEEN STOOD UP” pity look. I could feel the heat in my face. It wasn’t her fault but I wanted to reach up and smack the shit out of her.

The waitress wiggled her little happy ass back over to my table and laid the check down and bounced her way back to the counter. I gathered my purse and cell and just as I started to push my chair back, I heard the familiar voice of “Chris” coming from the entrance.

“Oh my god, I’m suppose to be meeting a friend….is she still here?” My head snapped in the direction of the voice and there she stood. Her raven black hair glistened even in the dim light. Her icy blue eyes met my stare. Her bright red lips smiled and her perfect white teeth shone. The pictures she sent me didn’t do her justice. She was so breath-taking that I started getting nervous that I wouldn’t meet up to her expectations.

She made her way to our table. She wore the short black sundress with the spaghetti straps and wedge heels. She moved with such ease and elegance. I really started panicking and wishing I had cancelled this meeting. I felt so awkward and plain. Just when I thought I could find a rock and crawl under, my cell vibrated. I didn’t have to look to know who it was. It never failed…when I needed Him…He was there.

“You are such a beautiful woman. You have made me so proud to own a slave like you. Proud that a woman that has so much to offer and so willingly gives chose me as her Master. Breath LaraBeth…My slave, My slut, My love, My life…just breath and relax…..Master”

I smiled and did as I was told. After a couple of small margaritas and a lot of small talk, Chris and I started talking more on what we were eager to try with each other. She had been with women before…on a regular basis. Me being the almost “bi-virgin” that I am…she started telling me how to work my tongue on a clit and just where she liked to be sucked. Needless to say we were both squirming in our seats. I worked up the courage and asked her if she would like to follow me down the street to a hotel. She grabbed the revised check and made her way to the cashier. I text Master and asked for permission in what I was wanting to do.

I held my breath while I waited for his response. Usually it didn’t take him but a few seconds to answer me but this time he didn’t respond right away. And when he did he didn’t answer my question. He asked where would we be going. I told him the name of the place. Then he instructed me to wait before we left. I told Chris what he said so we went out to my car and sat there for another 20 minutes.  Then he text and said to go to the desk clerk and that he had arranged a room in my name. To go there now and wait for further instructions.

Chris and I arrive to the hotel room about 30 minutes after we were instructed to. I receive another text from Master saying that we were to undress and sit at the small dinner table in front of the sliding glass doors of the balcony. We do as told and even though Chris was as cool as a cucumber I was a nervous wreck. My mind was reeling and the alcohol was wearing off.

We sit and chit chat about how pretty the sky was and how late the time was getting. My phone buzzed and yanked it up and read the text……


I nod my head and lay the phone down on the table…how was I suppose to follow his instructions if I wasn’t going to be able to look at my phone? I fidgeted with my fingers and jumped when my phone buzzed again. Without hesitation, I grabbed my cell and read the message…


“Yes Sir” I answered to my phone….

From behind us a door opens. The door was to the master bedroom. I could barely make out the sound of footsteps on the plush carpet as they came closer to us. From the look on Chris’ face, I knew the person was standing directly behind me. Hands rested on my bare shoulders and then a tender kiss in the crook of my neck. I knew his touch….his smell….his lips

“Now ladies, shall you proceed? Slut….on your knees and let Chris instruct you on how to please her.”  Master’s hands disappeared and my body obeyed his command.

Chris put one leg up on the table and the other she propped up on the back of the chair I had been sitting in. She pulled her folds of her bald pussy open and I used my tongue and began to probe around the different parts of her cunt. She would tell me to move left or right; to use the tip of my tongue or thrust my tongue inside her….

I started picking up on her moans and her body movements…when she liked something I did her hips moved with me and if she didn’t I would change up again till I found the spot again….

I shifted my weight because my legs were going numb thats when I felt Master kneel beside me. He had removed his shirt and I lost focus on the lesson at hand. I wanted to run my tongue over his bare chest and kiss him. He caught me looking at him and shook his head. He watched closely as I went back to working my tongue over Chris’ delicious delicacies….her juices flowed and covered my mouth. She was sweet tasting and I wanted to devour every drop.

Master started working with me then….his skillful tongue caressed and circled her clit…he would stop and let me repeat what he had just done. Then he started adding a finger and began fucking her wet cunt…allowing me the chance to do the same…

When Chris started  rolling her hips and her moisture seemed to start pouring, Master sat back on his heels and let me finish..

My tongue circled her hardened clit and flicked the little nub as my fingers fucked her faster and deeper… Her body stiffened and she grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face into her cunt and she squirted the purest tasting juices into my mouth…soaking my face and running down my chest….I pulled back enough to catch my breath and she pulled me back into her.

I closed my mouth over her cunt and used my tongue and licked up all of her juices…I leaned back and Master grabbed me by my hair and kissed me….cleaning what juices were left in my mouth and on my lips….when he went to release me…he whispered against my lips….”GOOD GIRL!!!!”

I can’t wait till my next experience with a woman….


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